Hello! My name is Natalie and I'm the creator of Your Ptashka couture. 


Since I remember I have been mesmerized by fairytales, old movies, and books. I was a child with an unstoppable imagination and the desire to create with my hands. 


Growing up surrounded by the magnificent landscapes of Ukranian countryside I draw inspiration from the perfect nature creations.


Did you notice how artfully the natural color combinations are? How does nature play with colors and shapes?


It's the pure Miracle of Beauty.


Now I have grown up and all this beauty, all the love and inspiration are combined here. In my little dream Your Ptashka couture.


Today’s fashion has always lacked tenderness, feminity, and fairy vibes for me. I took it over and began to create my designs.


I am embodying nature's elegance and fantasies in the creations of my soul.  


The dresses are straight from the fairytales born to make your dreams come true — the dresses you can bequeath to your daughter. 


So here we are ♥


Sending rays of love,







Every our dress, blouse and skirt are made specially for the customer's measurements. You can choose the diferent fabric and fabric colour♥